Jorden Runt På 80 Dagar

Jorden Runt På 80 Dagar - Jules Verne

Original title: Le Tour du Monde en quatre-vingts Jours

For those who understand neither French nor Swedish: Around the World in 80 Days

Phileas Fogg is a wealthy man living in London. The only thing you know about him is that he's a member of the Reform Club and that he just hired a new valet, Passepartout. In the beginning of the books, Fogg gets into an argument with some members of the Reform Club about whether it's possible to actually travel around the world in 80 days. He bets that he can go around the world and be back at the Club that exact time in 80 days. If not, the others will get 20000 pounds from him.

I really like this book. It's fast (you can't move slowly if you want to get around the world in 240 pages...). You barely get introduced to the characters before Fogg and his valet are sitting on the train to Paris. But it doesn't really feel like anything is left out.

The weird thing about this book is that Fogg really isn't the main character. You don't know anything about him in the beginning, and you don't know anything about him in the end. You get to know Passepartout pretty well, and I really like his character, but I really don't get Fogg. I guess that's kind of the point. It's interesting.

The only thing I don't like is that there's a really bad shipping. Real bad (for Harry Potter-fans: I feel like it's kind of a Harry/Hermione kind of situation). But other than that, I really liked the book. So go read it!


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