I move on to another book series.

Last week, the last Percy Jackson book came out. About a year ago the fourth one came out, and a week before that I read the three first books in the series for the first time because a bunch of my friends were hyping up the book. I ended up not reading the fourth book intil July, and since I don't remember a lot of the plot from the previous books I've decided to reread the books before I read the last one.

I only have the first one, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and the fourth one, Percy Jackson and the Battle Of The Labyrinth, so I borrowed Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters from one of my nerd friends, and now I'm all set until I want to read the third book. Maybe I'll read that in Swedish. I borrowed it from my library last year, and the translations aren't that bad with these books.

If you know the basic plot of the Percy Jackson series, you know why I want to read these books when we talk about Greek mythology in my Swedish class. I really loved the portrayal of the Greek gods when I first read the books, and I'm loving it again.

As for the hitchhiker, I finished Mostly Harmless the day before yesterday. Towel Day is a week away. Is anyone else gonna have a towel with them?


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