Wizard Rock är det finaste som finns typ.

"When they arrived it was a hurricane of a soundcheck, and before we knew it people were flooding in and Proper Use of a Rubber Duck was playing, and then we were playing and the whole tour was melting into this one moment where everyone climbing on stage with us singing our songs and CH was playing bass in our band, and Anna and Erik were blowing their horns like punk angels, and Jimmy was playing hard and fast and I was yelling "STOCKHOLM!" a lot, and everyone in the room was screaming at us, with us, and at the very fact that we had come so far - journeyed across 323,000,000 cubic kilometers of water with just a guitar and glockenspiel and had somehow made our way across fjords and forests amassing new friends and creating a rock band where all the wizards of Scandinavia were free to join."

- Joe DeGeorge i sin blogg.


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